Freedom Ends The Game

by Brian T Collins



I wrote the melody and lyrics for this song in 2009 but was distracted from recording it since. I had this song in my head since then and it felt good to get back to my progressive rock roots and record it.
Tuned in Standard Tuning 440Hz. NOT 432Hz!

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Brian T Collins


FREEDOM Ends the Game
2009-2020©Brian T Collins All Rights Reserved

I. When a man has broken his one true bond,
To his maker and savior of grace.
His heart lies tethered to iron and stone,
In battle with those he must face.
The voice comes calling to lift him high,
But the sins of his soul weigh him down.
In the game called war his duty is bound,
With the chains of his deeds so profound.

Freedom calls your name.
Freedom ends the game.

II. In the morning light of the early dawn,
Burns the fires and warning and song.
On last days eve of many mens lives,
Stands the guns and the banners of swords.
The air now thick with the sorrow and hate,
Of regret for the oath took in faith.
Now the sons of man call to the one,
And honor must now choose their fate.

Freedom calls your name.
Freedom ends the game.

And we tear down the walls of our shame.
We break down bonds of the game.
We take back the lands with our claim.
Cause Freedom is OUR Name…

III. With the bang of drums the pipers urge on,
To the march of the dance of the minstrels long gone.
The guns now fire and all stand inline,
For the dreams of the fallen and lost few in time.
We lay down lives with fury and fire,
The Red-Shields and Tin Gods run scared in retire.
Their banners lay soiled all covered in mud,
Through red stains O’ glory shines story in blood.

Freedom calls your name.
Freedom ends the game.

We tear down the hatred and blame.
We free all the people in chains.
We end all the sickness and pain.
Cause Freedom is OUR Name.

IV. The one true man repents all his sin,
As he bides by his time at the end of a gun.
With his head held high he breaks though the line,
Ends the run of the fox and the feast of the swine.
He calls his courage past deaths due embrace,
So the tyrants of nations fall down in disgrace.
The storm clouds part with sweet melody,
We’re the victors and saviors of truths liberty.

Freedom is your name.
Freedom ends the game.
Freedom is your name.
Freedom ends the game.


Freedom is your name.
Freedom ends the game.
Freedom is your name.
Freedom ends the game.


2009-2020©Brian T Collins All Rights Reserved


released December 14, 2020
All music, lyrics, performance, publishing and recording by Brian T Collins
Lyrics 2009©Brian T Collins / Music 2020©Brian T Collins
All Rights Reserved


all rights reserved



Brian T Collins Vancouver, British Columbia

I am a Scottish born composer, innovator and producer of mindful music.
I was one of the early explorers of 432Hz music, an alternative musical tuning originally intended to preserve historical instruments that can warp under higher pitch tunings. I also work as an Empowerment coach to help people and animals.

I have been playing, performing & producing music since 1980.
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